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Ukrainian girls put up for sale their virginity from 3000 UAH

Monday, February 11th, 2013

girl (18)The news spread quickly, and willing to pay for the “innocent goods” was rife. For example, a 22-year old American Natalie Dylan auctioned her virginity, the price for which the first four months rose to 3.7 million dollars! The girl asked more than 10 thousand applicants. Who would have thought that now decided to sell innocence and Ukrainian women!

Journalists “Today” dealt with a psychologist, who and why buys and sells virginity

Should write in the search engines’ selling virginity, “as the ubiquitous network will give dozens of websites that specialize in this” industry “, will offer you to sign up, and absolutely free, put in your details and open a” bargain. ” Together with the Kiev counselor Psychological Association Ukrainian Olga Stashuk we decided to find out what is the essence of this phenomenon, and what psychological background.

What is the demand on the innocent

First, we put “their job” on the first page. At first, our Miss Alenka – beautiful brunette 18 years weighing 52 kg, had no special demand. When we add to it another 6 pounds – our “fake” elektronku just filled letters from want “to get to know.” Someone gave thanks for the absence of errors in the “summary” and invited to dinner by candlelight, and one is limited to one sentence: “How much and where the photo?” To answer this question, I had become acquainted not only with customers, but also with the clerk. As it turned out, most often traded innocence girls …. from Kiev. “Deflower a classmate after the disco or pimply neighbor’s party is stupid! – Explained to us in correspondence from Kiev Katya.

Better to deal with an experienced, wealthy man, and even at this and earn extra money. Wants to go to university, to dress, to go on holiday! ”

According to psychologist

“The bigger the metropolis, the more blurred it moral values. In villages all know each other and know everything, but in the big city is easier to get lost. In the bustle of the city people do not have time to reflect on the big questions. It is likely an effect of “herd”, “collective”: if many do, why can not I? In metropolitan areas are a priority is market forces. It is these priorities, opportunities and girls illusion that innocence is also for sale “ Banner Exchange
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